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Within the framework of the ADDISPACE project, CATEC organised an advanced Metal Additive Manufacturing course for companies interested in learning in greater depth about additive manufacturing processes. This 3-day course (19-21 june) at FADA CATEC facilities covered the AM Basics and Processes as well as NDT verification techniques applied to the Aerospace sector.

The objective of the course was to take the technology to the SMEs for them to acquire it in the future and/or integrate it into their business models and production processes, showing the complete process value chain and our experiences (the good, the bad, the truth).

The course dealt with the topological optimisation and design, focusing on additive manufacturing, and one of the most important aspects, focusing on non-destructive testing techniques (NDT) and their added value in this emerging manufacturing process.

This advanced course was attended by 22 experts from the aeronautical world. It was a total success both in terms of number of participants (full capacity) and in the participants’ opinions.

This training was framed within the actions derived from the ADDISPACE project. Work is being carried out within the project to define a training framework to respond to the different qualification levels required in the additive manufacturing value chain. The project thus aims to respond to the training gaps of companies in the different profiles that exist in any production facility; in other words, operators, technicians and engineers.