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ADDISPACE Conference – FICOBA – 14, 15 & 16th March 2019

On 14th, 15th and 16th March 2019, the ADDISPACE consortium have organized the 3rd Conference and the 4th Workshop of the project.

 More than a hundred experts met yesterday in the 3rd conference: Metal Additive Manufacturing - Challenges & Opportunities held on March 13th at FICOBA, Irun, Spain.

 After a presentation of the ADDISPACE results by the project partners, 2 round tables was organized to discussed about the challenges and the opportunities of the Metal Additive Manufacturing :

-          Technical aspect - Challenge on Manufacturing

-          Training / Formation Opportunities

 We had the chance to welcome on the 2 round tables:

 Table 1: Technical Challenges

-          M. Guy LARNAC – ARIANEGroup

-          Mrs. Maritxu GOYHETCH – LAUAK Group

-          M. Sébastien EYRIGNOUX – LISI Aerospace AM

-          M. Yann DANIS – SAFRAN Helicopter Engines

-          M. Hugues GREDER – TOTAL

 Table2: Training opportunities

-          M. Joël ALEXIS – ENITarbes

-          M. Pierre MICHAUD – ESTIA Addimadour

-          M. Artur MATEUS – IPLeiria

-          M. Pedro ALVAREZ – LORTEK

-          M. Aitzol LAMIKIZ – UPV/EHU

 On 14th & 15th, the consortium have organized the 4th Workshop of ADDISPACE: 24H of Advanced  Manufacturing.

Through the creativity shown by students over the last 12 years, the goal of this first cross-border edition was to bring together and meet:

-          Relevant cross-border players (universities, technological centers, experts or companies holding know-how or technology) in the field of "advanced manufacturing"

-          Companies interested in the "industry of the future" (whether they are companies already operating in industry 4.0 or more "traditional" companies that would like to innovate and implement some of these "advanced" processes in their activities)

 In order to bring out projects of innovation, transfer or new collaborations between the numerous entities present at this Workshop.

 400 students / participants expected (target 50% Spanish-speaking and 50% French-speaking)

45-50 projects / challenges presented by cross-border business organizations

A mini-show on the theme "advanced manufacturing"

A free public opening