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Diagnostic et étude sur les possibilités, pour les technologies d·impression 3D dans le secteur aérospatial de l·espace SUDOE
Diffusion et transfert de technologies d·impression 3D à des entreprises et des PME
Metal Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace Applications
Formation spécialisée orientée vers l·intégration de technologies d·impression 3D, dans le secteur aérospatial

After four years of work in the field of metal additive manufacturing, the international projects ADDISPACE and TRANSFRON3D organize togheter the final event in which the results achieved in both projects will be presented.

The central axis of these projects is the collaboration of technology centers, large companies, SMEs and industry associations from different regions of southern Europe, in order to advance in the manufacture of high added value products, thanks to the advantages offered by Metal Additive Manufacturing processes.

The knowledge in the different existing technologies and the contribution of each partner have been key to obtain innovative pieces for sectors such as aeronautics or automotive. Prototypes of these pieces as well as the lessons learned to produce them, will be shown in this final conference, which will bring together the additive manufacturing community of Spain, France and Portugal. The conference will also feature special guests who will present their strategies for the implementation of additive manufacturing technologies in their organizations. Finally, attendees will have the opportunity to hold B2B meetings in an exclusive space that will be enabled for these meetings.

Do not miss it! We will be waiting for you on June 13.